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Your Title: Vintage Hand Painted Furniture

Welcome to my furniture painting blog

Granola Girl Treasures has been evolving since I began hand painting furniture at my home in Florida eight years ago. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I have worked and travelled in many countries, which has influenced my eclectic love of varying furniture styles. I swoon over pieces that are 100 years old, and also pieces 30 years old.

I'm tired of the 'throw away' society we have become, and feel it is important to revive the craftsmanship of long ago, where furniture was made, and did, last for many years.

Often families have been given an heirloom piece from a parent, aunt, uncle or other family and friends, which can make them feel guilty about selling or donating, so they leave it hidden or stashed away in the basement, as it no longer suits their style or decor. Thats where I come in! Recycling, refinishing and repurposing a vintage piece by creating a look that 'fits', giving your family heirloom purpose and functionality in your life for many years to come.

Result, quality furniture with a custom quality finish and a piece you will be both love and enjoy.

When I'm not painting, I'm caring for my oncology patients or hiking the nearest mountain that I can climb which is another destress outlet for me where I love to be outdoors.

I'm so grateful to have furniture painting which allows me to express my creativity :-)

Hope you follow along!

I hope you will visit again and follow me on my painting journey. I will provide some insight on my process as best as I can, such as techniques, products I use and don't use, and how I source the 'problem' areas. Always a learning process and nothing is written in stone making it all the more fun!

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